Safety and Security Films

Get 24 hour  protection for your windows, and cool your house down too!
•     Security- Watch the news? Crime rates are going  up. One of the easiest crimes of opportunity is to break in through  your window. Adding a security window film to your windows can quickly  deter someone looking for an easy smash and grab. •     Safety- Accidents happen. Kids playing ball, the lawnmower  throwing a rock through your window, etc. Safety films help to prevent  shattering in case of an accident. (Our films also pass City and County  Safety Glazing in place of tempered windows). •     Hurricanes and Bad Weather-  Security laminates help to prevent  window shattering in case of high winds and flying debris. We have  tested our laminate against Duct Taping your windows. (Just for your  notes: Duct Taping your windows does NOTHING). •      Tinted laminates- Laminates come in clear, tinted,  silver, and also privacy films. You can get security protection, and  tint your windows at 

the same time.
We have something for ALL Home Owners  Associations!!

SECURITY FILMS allows customers to see while keeping your safe investment . 
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